Welcome to the Digital Transformation of Vending.

Revolutionize your vending business with cutting edge technologies that increase your machines’ awareness and traffic. Transform your vending machines into data driven points of sale and engagement to make them more attractive, more convenient and above all, more profitable.

  • Use our Marketing Manager to create promotions, place ads or distribute free product samples we will provide you.
  • Use our Vending Management System to control and optimize your operations.
  • Use our Cashless Solutions to offer the payment methods your consumers are demanding.

Give a sample, sell more.

Treating your consumers with free samples will not only make them feel engaged to your machines, it will also attract their friends and increase your overall sales up to 30%. Sampling lets you promote newly introduced products or move your less-rotating ones faster, increasing your traffic and awareness.

Get free samples from participating brands

Nimanic works with brands that want to promote their products on your vending machines and provides you free product samples so you can treat your consumers.

And here’s the cherry on the pie: We will actually pay you for each free product you deliver. Some machines with Nimanic are already making more profits from giving away products for free on 3-4 selections than what they make selling products on the rest of their selections together!

Reduce machine service times to 50%.

Pre-kitting cuts your machine service times by half and reduces returns to zero, because it tells your operators exactly how many items each one of their machines need before they leave the warehouse or at the truck. Nimanic super fast and user friendly field app also helps them adjust planograms, prices and inventories in less time while you supervise every move with accurate tracking.

Customizable mobile wallets, loyalty and reward systems.

Our mobile multi-wallet allows you to create tailor-made reward and loyalty programs to optimize user recurrency, incentivate certain locations, times or product categories, or just to make them happier! You can also offer your clients to automatically transfer funds, rewards or company benefits to their employees on a weekly or monthly basis. This way you give them complete control on their spend and offer added convenience and security.

Technology that grows with your business.

(…and doesn’t need any training)

Nimanic is one of the World’s most advanced and user friendly solutions to put your vending operations on the leading edge of technology, from mobile cashless to pre-kitting to mobile marketing; but without paying for the bells and whistles you don’t need.

We love innovation and feel passionate about bringing you new technologies to the table, but only if they really help your business! We think technology should be easy to use without the need of any training videos or sessions.
Any technology should grow and evolve just like your business. Thats why Nimanic will develop new functionalities and reports at no cost for you. There has never been a need we haven’t been able to solve for our operators. Just ask for it! 

Cashless Payments

People are getting rid of coins and bills. And even plastic! Like Uber, Venmo or Amazon, Nimanic’s payment systems are 100% cloud based, offering your consumers a seamless, secure and and agile experience.

If you prefer a present card reader, Nimanic offers you the World’s most advanced 5 in 1 reader capable of accepting all kinds of chip, magnetic and NFC cards along with Apple Pay and Google pay, QR codes and virtually any other method.

Vending Marketing

Let your machines shine again and attract your consumers as never before! Create sampling, mobile marketing, social media and direct to consumer promotions to increase traffic and sales. Use your business intelligence dashboard to better know your consumers, their consumption habits and product preferences.

Our founders have been pioneering leaders in the digital marketing industry, working for fortune 500 companies like P&G, Nestlé and PepsiCo and they brought their best practices to the vending industry so you can take full advantage of them!

Vending Management

Know exactly what your machines are selling, to whom and at what times, so you know how to better replenish them. We’ll give you a daily audit of every one of your machines and also report your sales in real-time (using both DEX/EVA/DTS and MDB protocols).

Receive alerts if anything went wrong. Configure prices remotely. Gain control on planograms, routes, inventories and cash and pre-kit your trucks with predictive data to maximize your efficiency, reduce your loss and ensure your customers the best of all services.

Intuitive, accessible and 100% cloud based.

Nimanic Vending management System on a tablet

Forget about development, integrations or server management costs. Nimanic takes care of everything because it is 100% cloud based and completely managed for you. Watch your machines work for you on any device and from anywhere. Our development team constantly makes improvements and adds new features. Nimanic also offers you an API to integrate your data to other applications. The only limit will be our imagination!

  • Realtime sales reports (telemetry)

  • Scheduled DEX audits

  • Route management / optimization

  • Pre-kitting (at truck and warehouse)

  • Technical log and alerts

  • Operator’s field app

  • Cash monitoring

  • Remote price updates

  • Centralized graphic product catalog

  • Planogram/price list management

  • Consumer profile and consumption habits

Modular and Future Proof.

Nimanic is not just software, but a comprehensive modular platform that integrates hardware, firmware and software specifically made from scratch to fit your needs. But it was also designed to evolve with the solutions and technologies you will want in the future. We know how difficult it is for your company to adapt to new systems. That’s why we made Nimanic to be easy to adopt but also to be the last platform you will need. Our modular devices integrate just LEGO systems and rely on a large developers community so we can remotely install updates, send you new modules and accessories or, if needed, even exchange any module for a new one, thanks to our unique Hardware as a Service business model where the device is always under warranty and managed by Nimanic. Just as your Paid TV provider does, we will update or replace our telemetry devices at no cost to you!